Optimise the use of electricity from solar PV, wind turbines and water turbines.

Up to 70% of the electricity produced by your renewable generator may be being exported to the grid with little or no benefit for you.

EMMA, the Energy and Micro-generator MAnager, allows you to use this surplus electricity onsite.

The result: lower energy bills; income from feed-in tariffs; a smaller carbon footprint.

For home and business.

EMMA… Puts you in Control

Need Export Control? EMMA GVS suits larger generators where electricity exports need to be controlled to allow grid connection. Avoid expensive network upgrade costs.

Buyers should be wary of other devices on the market that claim to efficiently manage surplus energy from your renewable generator.

These other products may be relatively cheap to buy, but could cost you dearly in the long run – both in terms of your energy bills and energy usage. The fact that these devices are so inefficient is the very reason why Cool Power Products developed EMMA.

What these inferior non-EMMA devices do is:

  • Say your generator is producing 750 Watts more than you are using…
  • The device spots this and switches on your immersion at full power, i.e. it turns on a load of 3000 Watts (based on a standard immersion heater of 3kW).
  • The immersion uses up the surplus 750 Watts from your generator, but because it is fully on, it also needs to draw the remaining 2250 Watts from the grid to make up the difference.
  • This means you end up spending more money and using more grid electricity than you would otherwise.
  • The reason for this is because these device can only operate the immersion in one of two states: fully on (i.e. needing 3000 Watts), or fully off.
  • Conscience of this problem, the suppliers of these other devices sometimes recommend changing the immersion heater to a smaller 1kW one, or using a transformer to reduce its power so the amount of unnecessary electricity drawn from the grid is not so high. However, a 1 kW heater is not a sensible solution – think what happens when your PV system is generating 3.5kW and the household load is 200W – you will be exporting 2.3kW. Even worse, when you press the boost button it will take an eternity to heat up the cylinder with only 1kW being supplied. In contrast, EMMA always ensures that you have hot water, quickly and at the exact times you need it.
The above devices makes no economic, environmental, or practical sense. This is why we supply and install EMMA:
  • EMMA can ramp up and down the power being sent to the immersion (or other heat store) according to exactly how much surplus power is available.
  • In other words, if 750 Watts surplus power is available, it sends 750 Watts to the immersion. No additional electricity is drawn from the grid.
  • EMMA can vary the power sent to the immersion / heat store from 0 to 3kW. This is a unique feature to EMMA because of the patented technology it uses. It will not wait for 3kW to be produced before starting to send power to the immersion. If there is 10 Watts available above what you are using in your house then 10 Watts will be sent to the 3kW immersion and no additional electricity will be drawn from the grid. The immersion will still work fine. (Read of our FAQs for more info)
  • EMMA uses cutting-edge, patented technology to do this, so there is no other device on the market that can operate in the same intelligent and efficient way.
This is easily verifiable for yourself by comparing the documentation for EMMA with any other device you are considering. If you have any questions, please Contact Us.