Residential Solar Power Benefits

Financial Benefits

The new Feed-in Tariffs, (sometimes referred to as the Clean Energy Cash-back Scheme) will pay you:

  • A Generation Tariff of up to 21.0p for every unit (kWh) of solar electricity you generate.
  • An additional Export Tariff of 3.1p for every unit of un-used solar electricity that automatically gets fed back to the National Grid.

Feed-in Tariffs currently give a much better rate of return than other financial products such as ISA’s, Bonds and Gilts or interest from banks and building societies. Plus, Your electricity bills will be substantially reduced and you will protect yourself against future electricity price increases.

Feed-In Tariff Payments Are:

  • Guaranteed for 25 years at the rate you enter the scheme.
  • Index-linked to RPI.
  • Tax-free for domestic users.
  • Designed to incentivise early adopters the most.

Environmental Benefits

  • You will have your own clean renewable energy source and become more self-sufficient for the long-term.
  • You will be making a significant contribution to reducing UK CO2 emissions and reduce your own carbon footprint.
  • As a micro-generator you will help to decrease the need for gas imports.
  • The more de-centralised clean electricity we produce, the less we rely on drilling increasingly dirty and high-risk oil and gas deposits.
  • As more householders like you generate their own clean electricity, the UK will need to build fewer coal, gas and nuclear power stations.

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