Solar Generated Electricity – With Financial Incentives Supported By The Government!

As our commercial and domestic energy bills continue to rise, there are now real steps that you can take to reduce your carbon footprint and increase your annual income.

For example, by investing in solar power and installing photovoltaic solar panels, you can cut your electricity payments and generate a substantial 25 year index-linked income. You can learn much more about this important Government-backed initiative which was launched in April 2010, (and how and why to take advantage of it now) by downloading our newly updated e-book. Just click on the ‘Free Guide’ button at the top of the page.

2011 saw a massive increase in the nmumber of Solar PV installtions, and that increase has corresponded with a drop in price of raw materials, this means that the returns today are still better than any returns available fronm the alternative investment opportunities such as Cash ISA’s or purchasing an annuity.

To discover why we are experiencing such a dramatic increase in the number of solar PV panels being installed, download your copy of our guide now.

Learn why and how in an economic downturn you can take advantage of this remarkable window of opportunity.

This FREE easy-to-follow Guide will tell you:

  • How you can gain high returns for generating your own clean electricity
  • How you can recoup a long-term 8%+ ROI
  • Ways to ensure your investment is low on risk and high on security
  • The simple steps to take to produce an index-linked, 25 year tax-free income
  • Exactly why the UK government introduced the very generous Feed-in Tariff
  • Why the figures add up and who pays for the Feed-in Tariff
  • How long entry to the scheme will last and why you need to act quickly
  • How the UK is playing ‘catch-up’ to other European countries
  • Why you get paid to generate electricity that you consume yourself
  • The multiple gains for those who join the scheme early
  • How those who don’t join the scheme will lose out twice over

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