FITS – How It Works

With the advent of the “Feed In Tariff Scheme” (FITS) back in April 2010 many consumers have become lost in the jargon and politics regarding claiming from their relevant “Utility Service Provider” (USP); this short guide is aimed at making this process as simple as possible for the individual homeowner or business.

In order to claim FITS for a solar PV installation from your USP you need to ensure 2 main items :

1.  That your installer has a “Microgeneration Certification Scheme” (MCS) accreditation number (Worcester Renewables is registered under MCS).  If you are in any doubt then search on the following website for all MCS registered companies :

2.  Is the product MCS accredited? (Worcester Renewables ONLY use MCS accredited solar PV modules unless specifically requested not to by the customer).  Again, if you are in doubt then search on the following website for all MCS registered products :

In addition to the above it is advisable (although not critical to claim FITS) to use Ofgem registered meters and known components – cheaper isn’t necessarily better.

Before actually purchasing a solar PV array from any installer it is always a good idea to check the following :

1.  Is planning permission required?  The Energy Saving Trust ( state that planning permission is NOT required on most domestic installations but it is always better to consult your local council’s planning department to be sure.

2.  Does your Utility Service Provider (USP) support the FITS?  Although the majority of the UK’s USP’s do support the FIT scheme it is important to know before paying out your hard earned money.  In order to do this, we have searched the larger USP’s and got contact phone numbers and in some cases the contracts that you will be required to submit (we will endeavour to maintain this section of this article as best we can but it is always best to speak directly with your relevant USP to get the most up-to-date information).

Note – At Worcester Renewables – we will do this part for you so as to make the process as simple as possible. We provide the information here so that you can understand the process.

Provider (USP) Contact Tel: Details
N-Power Tariff Called “My Pro Generation” 0190 534 0646 Click here for Application Form
Southern Electric, 7 Electric, Equi-power, Swelec, Atlantic Electric & Gas, Scottish Hydro (all go on the attached form) 0845 076 7634 Click here for Application Form
EON, Lloyds TSB 0845 301 4884 Click here for Application Form
EDF Energy 0800 085 0000 Customer must ring the above number and request a form, they help the customer fill it in
Eco-Tricity 0800 030 2302 Awaiting Form From Energy Provider
Good Energy 0845 456 1640 Awaiting Form From Energy Provider
Green Energy UK 0845 456 9550 Awaiting Form From Energy Provider
Scottish Power 01141 564 6379 / 0845 270 1414 Awaiting Form From Energy Provider

.After an installation is complete you will not only receive a completion pack containing all of the relevant information about your systems, the individual component breakdown and datasheets for all of the system major components you will also be issued with an MCS certificate.


This certificate is actually supplied by the MCS (registered on your behalf by the us) through an internet based database and as such there “shouldn’t” be a way to forge such a document which will give you peace of mind for the decades of free electricity to follow.

Once you have this MCS certificate and your relevant USP application form then the process to apply is relatively simple.  Simply complete the application form, attach a copy of the certificate to this and send them both back to your relevant USP.  You should hear something back relatively quickly but as this is a growing industry then timescales may become elongated as the number of application increase.

In most cases the FITS payment is made by personal cheque to the person named on the household utility bill every quarter.

We hope that the above has been useful to you and has helped the often difficult task of speaking to someone human when contacting your relevant USP.

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