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wdc-tourism-blossom-trail-logoPutting the Bloom Back
in the Blossom Trail

Worcester Renewables commits to “Putting the Bloom Back in the Blossom Trail.”

Solar PV systems help make the Vale “Blooming Marvellous”

Worcester Renewables, the Vale’s leading supplier and installer of Solar Photovoltaic (PV) panels today announced a major project that will help to revitalise the Vale with more blossom. For every domestic customer that orders a Solar PV system from Worcester Renewables this spring, Worcester Renewables will absorb and donate the VAT to a trust specifically tasked with “Putting The Bloom Back in the Blossom Trail”

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Gordon Bunker, Commercial Manager of Worcester Renewables said “I have lived and worked in Worcestershire for the last 30 years and with the changing economics of fruit growing I have seen the gradual dwindling of the blooms around the Blossom Trail. When I first moved here, I can remember vividly just how stunning the area was and every spring time I made a special effort to enjoy the trail. Over the last few decades, as the orchards have lost their productivity I have seen them dwindle, though with recent efforts such as those in Church Lench with the granting to the community of Yates Community Orchard, the establishment of the forest school within another orchard, along with the great work by Vale Heritage Trust, with their purchase and restoration of the orchard at Hipton Hill, things have started to be turned around. With this new initiative we will give everyone in the Vale a chance not only to do their bit for the environment, when they install a solar PV system from Worcester Renewables, they will also be helping to “Put The Bloom Back in the Blossom Trail”

Working with organisations including the Vale Heritage Trust, we will look to acquire new areas of land, and also to help plant and replant new spring time blossoms around the trail. – The scheme also allows householders and landowners to participate in many ways, for instance we can arrange anything from a team to come and plant some blossom trees – even in your garden! through to helping you manage and maintain the ancient orchards.

Angela Tidmarsh, Tourism Officer of Wychavon District Council said “The Blossom Trail is an important tourist attraction to the Vale, this initiative by Worcester Renewables will help to secure the Blossom Trail for the enjoyment of many over the years to come.”

Jim Burgin, Heritage Manager of Wychavon DC praised the scheme, and urged everyone to participate, “We all know solar PV makes great financial sense, this scheme will help to develop and preserve the unique nature of the Vale and the Blossom Trail in particular”

Dave Shaw, Chair of the Vale Heritage Trust, is delighted with the venture. “We have worked tirelessly for many years and have managed to achieve many great things, this commitment will help us to achieve so much more to preserve and develop the area.  We will now be able to establish corridors of blossom, as well as extending our work on meadowlands flood meadows, forests and orchards.”

Vale residents that have recently taken advantage of the benefits of Solar PV have this to say about their experiences:

‘It has been a good year for solar cells, with plenty of sunshine, especially in June, and we have generated over 700 kilowatt hours even with only six panels. In addition to avoiding quite a lot of carbon emissions we should have made over £300 from the Feed-in Tariffs, as well as not needing to buy as much electricity and even selling some back to the Grid.’ (Rev David Haslam MBE)

‘Since installing our photovoltaic panels to generate electricity we have reduced the electricity we buy from the grid by 40%.  The solar thermal installation for heating hot water has reduced our gas consumption by 15%.  This is good news in respect of reducing our carbon footprint and our fuel costs.’ (Maureen & Steve Martin)

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