Check Your Carbon Footprint

Knowing more about your carbon footprint can help you to learn how to reduce it; benefiting the environment and even helping you save money.

A carbon footprint is a measurement of the carbon dioxide that you produce through activities such as travelling, heating your home or workplace and using electronic equipment.

Whether you would like to make your business more energy-efficient or save on heating costs in your home, calculating your carbon footprint is a wise place to start.

A carbon calculator is a tool you can use to estimate your carbon footprint.

To find out which one is most suitable for you, use our simple guide:

Commercial Source? The Carbon Trust
Who is it for?
Small and medium sized business who would like to know how to minimise carbon emissions and save money.
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Construction Activities Source? The Environment Agency
Who is it for?
Businesses associated with the construction industry who need to know more about their carbon emissions.
Click here to access the calculator
Residential Source? Government
Who is it for?
Anyone who would like to know how much carbon dioxide their home produces – plus tips on how to reduce it.
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