– 7/1/11 – 16,000 homes and commercial properties have been installed with Solar PV Panels in the UK in 2010, since the start of the Feed-in Tariff. The feed in tariff offers 12 times the market rate for power from renewable sources. Click here to read more

Daily Mail 29/9/10 – Chosing a good solar pv installer and avoiding the rogue traders including all the information you need to know about installing solar pv. Click here to read more.

Financial Times 23/9/10 – report that the Government has privately indicated that the current generous subsidies offered under the feed-in tariffs could be reduced well before March 2013 – the original date set for a review of the rates.

The Daily Telegraph 26/8/10 – The Solar-Powered Prince – The Prince of Wales has been granted permission to install 32 Solar Panels on Clarence House. In August 2,257 panels have been fitted to homes, up from 1,700 in July and 1,400 in June.

The Daily Telegraph 14/8/10 – Famers look at new renewable cash crop to develop a new income stream and protect themselves against volatile commodity prices. click here to read the full story

BBC Norfolk 8/10 – UK’s largest solar tracker system switched on at Ecotech, Norfolk. click here to see news story

The Independent 4/8/10 – The UK becomes to fastest growing market for solar pv. Click here to read the full story.

Sunday Times 7/10 – Glastonbury will install the largest private solar electricity system in the UK. Michael Eavis is set to buy 1,500 square metres of solar panels, which will generate the same amount of power annually as used by 40 homes.The 1,100 solar panels will sit atop the barns which are home to the Worthy Farm herd while the Festival is on. On a clear, sunny day, the panels are expected to generate some 200kW of power. Any power which isn’t used on the farm will be exported to the National Grid

The Farmers Guardian 9/7/10 – Feed-in tariffs valuable income for rural estates…the contribution from photovoltaic solar panels was £26,300 but the total income came to £916,000 per annum with a lifetime potential of £18.5m click here to read the full story

Sunday Times 23/5/10 – Ways to make 10% return on your savings, solar electric listed as one of the top five investments to make a guaranteed 10% return over your investment for 25 years. click here to read the full story

The Guardian 1/4/10 – Feed in Tariff start to generate cash click here to read the full story

Independent 10/3/10 – Power that pays for itself click here to read full story

Mail on Sunday 6/3/10 – Solar Panel sales set to rise tenfold click here to read the full story

Business Green 17/2/10 – Tories promise feed-in tariff click here to read the full story

The Guardian 6/2/10 – Is solar power a bright investment? click here to read the full story

The Independent on Sunday 7/2/10 – New plan gives solar power to the people click here to read the full story

Daily Mail 2/2/10 – Homeowners to be paid to generate their own electricity – click here to read the full story