Installing the Inverter – The Solar Panels generate DC electricity (like you get from a battery) on a domestic system, that can be up to 1000 Volts and up to 15 Amps. – That’s why we label everything!

That DC power has to be converted in useable ‘mains’ power, i.e. 230V AC, and that’s what the inverter does.

We always match panels, and inverters for each and every installation so that the most effective system for the customer is installed.

In this instance to address the shading issues during the winter months (a tall evergreen in the park next door) we installed a system with specialist shade management software, and split the system up into three groups of panels, so that they can be managed as separate groups.

He’s the time-lapse video of the inverter being installed an SMA SunnyBoy 4000TL-20. Any questions? Just call us on 0844-453-5591.